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We offer several pricing options to give you the site you want without breaking your budget. Our options can range from a simple informational/brochure type site to a large e-commerce site offering hundreds of products online.

Basic Package

Also referred to as a brochure site, this package includes up to 5 informational pages. Typical selections for these pages may include

  • Home Page
  • Products/Services Page
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us Page - with built in form submission
  • Locations Page (listing store locations and providing maps/instructions)

Basic E-Commerce

This is our most popular package! It includes up to 5 informational pages as with the Basic Package, but also comes with up to an additional 3 pages of product ordering pages. Give your customers the ability to shop online anywhere and at any time.

Premium Package

This is the ultimate deal if you have a lot of information to provide to your customers. This package comes with up to 14 pages including 7 product ordering pages.

Custom Package

Tell us what you need.

With any of our plans, we will talk with you about what you would like and tailor the packages to meet your needs. Request a FREE Quote to find out what we recommend for you.

Maintenance Package

After the initial release of a site, additional upgrades, add-ons, and modifications can always be purchased as needed based on our hourly rate. Our maintenance package provides several hours/month of work on changes at a discounted price. This package is great for anyone expecting to make frequent updates, posting regular announcements, adjusting prices, releasing new products, etc.